Ever tried to change the future? We do.

Not only change, we apply deep scientific thinking to make subtle changes today to bring visible sustainable positive change in the collective human consciousness - for if human consciousness does not progress, nothing would. If you ever heard of "strange attractors", come join us.

Thrust Areas

Encouraging Languages

Encouraging the use of Native Languages at every level.

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Author | Editor | Advisor | Mentor


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Nurturing Talent

Nurturing and Connecting Unrecognized Talent at all levels.

Contibute by:

Nominating | Connecting | Counselling


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Child Nourishment

Supporting organisations providing child nourishment and care.

Contribute by donating:

Baby Clothes | Towels | Toys | Supplies


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Remember great souls who have made a big impact on your life.

Contribute by:

Writing | Sponsoring | Award


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Library Network

Have a private library of invaluable books?

Contribute by:

Locating it | Listing its books | Advocacy


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Tech Transformation

Technology Transformation and continuous Administrative Support

Contribute by:

Introduction | Participation | Advocacy


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Due diligence is done on all funds received and programs are funded according to priority and need.

Your donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. We truly appreciate your donation since we know that you understand the importance of the programs we support.

When you donate, you become part of our donor network. We keep you informed of how your donations helped and other events of interest.

Do you represent an org?

Connect with us and apply to qualify for funding the programs you nurture.

Because no ONE is as powerful as ALL of us. Come, let us make it - together.

ARE Foundation

Abhipsa Research and Education Foundation

Donation for Child Nourishment

Donation for encouragement of Indian Languages


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